LIFAN hereby warranties his products, to the original purchaser with proof of purchase, 1-year residential use and 90-day commercial use warranty against defects in materials, parts or workmanship. LIFAN, at its own discretion will repair or replace any and all parts found to be defective, through normal use, free of charge to the customer. This warranty is valid only for units which have been used for personal use that have not been hired or rented and that have been maintained in accordance with the instructions in the owners’ manual supplied with the product from new.


All warranties may not be transferred by the consumer to any subsequent purchaser.
• Parts or components not supplied by the warrantor, or parts or components that have been modified.
• Any failure resulting from the use of improper tools or improper repair procedures.
• Any failure or part that has become inoperative due to accident, impact, abuse, misuse, neglect, mishandling, dulling of cutting edges, or failure to operate the product in accordance with the information provided in the instruction manual supplied with the product.
• Normal deterioration of the exterior due to use or exposure, and any repairs made necessary by normal wear, improper maintenance, improper lubrication, improper storage, dirt, abrasives, impact, moisture, water, rain, snow, rust, corrosion, varnish, or other similar conditions.
• Routine maintenance items such as lubricants, blade sharpening.
• The unit, if it has not been operated and/or maintained in accordance with the owner’s manual.

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